California Debt Relief

California Debt Relief

California Debt Relief

When considering your California debt relief options, it is important to first know your choices. There are numerous California debt relief methods that can help you. Top 5 California (CA) Debt Relief, Debt Consolidation, and Debt Settlement programs & options. A validation program challenges the validity of an account where if proved to be uncollectible, that you will not need to pay the entire debt. These programs can take up to 36 months to accomplish. The benefits are, you will not pay as much money as you would have paid monthly. Also, the process for the credit card companies to remove accounts from your report is very complicated, lengthy, and tedious. Also, they cannot simply remove accounts from your file without your permission. The better business bureau (ICB) does not recognize the IAPDA as an approval mechanism, which is why you must verify that the company that you chose to eliminate your debts has IAPDA approval.

The California Department of finance has issued a fact sheet on their website showing that debt relief California companies that use an IAPDA for validation will not be accepted for consolidation loans. However, many of these same companies will claim to accept a consolidation loan without IAPDA validation. It is best to confirm with the company directly or with the Better Business Bureau. In addition, most debt relief companies are going to offer a free debt settlement company quote. You should check the companies’ contact information to ensure that they do have IAPDA approval. The Better Business Bureau can also provide verification of a company’s legitimacy by reporting it to the Better Business Bureau. Once again, it is important to verify that the company has IAPDA approval before proceeding with a debt validation program.


Another aspect of a company’s service that should concern you is the actual settlement or consolidation that they will perform on your behalf. There are some California debt relief programs that use what is known as an in-house litigation department to assist their clients in negotiating settlements and consolidations. These companies usually charge a fee for this service. If your goal is to obtain the maximum reduction in your outstanding balance then using an in-house litigation department may be desirable. For most consumers, however, the time and effort required to obtain legal assistance through a legitimate settlement or consolidation company is less than the fee required to use an in-house staff.

The Better Business Bureau provides a list of legitimate settlement programs along with detailed information on each one. Each program will have a detailed explanation of what is required in order to become enrolled, the percentage that will be waived, the monthly payments that will be required and what your new lower monthly payment will be. You can compare the programs and select the one that best meets your needs and financial goals. By taking the time to learn more about the state laws governing debt relief and enrolling in a program that meets your requirements, you will be more likely to achieve the financial relief that you need. To get started, call us  for a free californiadebtrelief consultation. 

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